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magnesium Anodes
- Aug 12, 2017 -

In cathodic protection, the most widely used sacrificial anodes are Magnesium Anodes. Magnesium Anodes are designed for the cathodic protection of steel under fresh, brackish, and seawater conditions Magnesium Anodes are also used extensively for underground structures and pipelines. Anodes can be supplied with cable connections welded to meet the customer’s requirements. For underground applications, anodes are packed in cotton bags with a gypsum / bentonite / sodium backfill to ensure immediate effect on installation and a constant environment through the anode’s working life.

Magnesium anodes are available in two standard alloys as follows:

 Standard Alloy (AZ63): -1.55V w.r.t. copper-copper sulphate reference electrode for use in average soil resistivity conditions.
 High Potential Alloy: -1.75V w.r.t. copper-copper sulphate reference electrode for use in high soil resistivity conditions.