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the Magnesium(Mg) Sacrificial Anode
- Aug 05, 2017 -

Magnesium(Mg) anode is a common sacrificial anode material used in electrochemical cathodic protection(CP) engineering. This sacrificial anode is connected to steel structures to prevent or slow down rusting.

The Magnesium(Mg) sacrificial anode has high chemical activity, its electrode potential is rather negative, and the driving voltage is quite high. Besides, Magnesium(Mg) anode is difficult to form effective protective film on the magnesium surface. In water medium, the protective film is easy to dissolve, and the Magnesium self-corrosion is quite strong.


Magnesium(Mg) sacrificial anode is suitable for the protection of metal components in soil and water, where the electrical resistivity is higher. Magnesium(Mg) sacrificial anode is mainly used for anticorrosion of buried pipelines, onshore platforms, huge boilers and steel structures.